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Apr 10, 2014 at 08:29 AM

Actual activity allocation / revaluation


Hi All,

My company is using SAP ISH (healthcare) in order to book Services to patient cases. We have linked the Services to some activity types which are generated by the Performing Unit in ISH. The Performing unit is linked to a cost centre in CO where the planned Activity rate has been set up (KP26). The patient case is linked 1:1 with an internal order in CO which receives the activity posting.

My company would like to ensure that all of the costs relevant to these activities are allocated out of the cost centre on to the receiving internal orders at month end. I have not worked in CO for a few years but I believe that this will involve a couple of steps in the month end process.

1 Re-calculate the actual activity prices

2 Revalue the actual postings

Each cost centre generates 2 or more activities which need to be valued. Example below

Performing unit THEATRE1 - Operating theatre, performs operations on 2 patient cases

CASE1 - Knee replacement

Activity type - Consumables = 100 units @ £2ea = £200

Drugs = 10 units @ £30ea = £300

CASE2 - Hip Replacement

Activity type - Consumables = 200 units @ £2ea = £400

Drugs = 50 units @ £30ea = £1500

Total credit to the THEATRE1 cost centre

Consumables - £600

Drugs - £1800

At month end the actual costs posted to the cost centre are as follows

Consumables - £800

Drugs - £2000

In order to credit the full amount to the Internal orders from the cost centre the prices must be recalculated and the activity allocation transactions need to be revalued.

Can you please confirm the steps to configure the month end price calculation (specifically around the splitting rule on the cost centre to determine which costs belong to which activity type), and steps to process the revaluation of the transactions?

Many thanks