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Apr 09, 2014 at 11:31 PM

Material Analysis reports not picking material issues in new SLOC


MC.9 /MC.2 reports on the number of issues and reciepts per storage location and valuation.

We have new storage locations for which when we run Mc.9/Mc.2 for 601 (issues to sales) and 641 (issues to STO) movement types, it doesn't show the consumption or goods issue. Note: it only consider 261 as an issue and thats it.

However for same movement types and old storage locations, it calculates issues correctly.

Just wondering, have I missed any link or config when new storage locations were created so that it is captured by analysis reports

This is MB51 of new storage location

MC.9/Mc.3 only picks 261 in reporting and leaves rest for this sloc only.


mb51.PNG (28.7 kB)