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Former Member
Nov 16, 2005 at 03:40 PM

Concatenate in Update Rules


Hi All,

I have to create an update rule for an infoobject "address". The data is coming from the attributes of a master data infoobject called 0vendor. The attributes are street, city, state and zip.

So I created an update routine which would Concatenate as follows:

Tables: Vendor.

Data: Begin of IT_VENDOR occurs 0,

street like Vendor-street,

city like Vendor-street,

state like Vendor-state,

Zip like Vendor-zip.

End of IT_Vendor.

Data: V_addr type c.

Clear V_ADDR.

Select * from Vendor(table) when Customer no. = comm_strcuture-Customer no. into corresponding fileds of table IT_Vendor.

Concatenate IT_vendor-street IT_vendor-City IT_vendor-State IT_Vendor-zip into V_addr.

Result = V_ADDR.

Now is there something wrong with the routine. Beacause it is not working. There is no data being updated into the cube.

Please help.


Ashmith Roy