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Apr 09, 2014 at 05:24 PM

Children and parent in different CDM packages?



I wonder if there is a way to use inheritance and packages, in a conceptual data model (CDM), so that the parent and the children are not in the same packages?

I have first created entity A, B and C in a Package P1. Then, I have set an inheritance, having A as parent, and B and C as children. Then I have created a Package P2 and I have moved the entity B into it.

That way, if I open the entity B, I can still see A as its parent. However, in the P1 diagram, I cannot see B the inheritance anymore. And this, not graphically and not also in the child list when I open the inheritance. Also, if I try to add a new child in the inheritance, I can only choose among the entities included in P1.

In the P2 diagram, I can create a shortcut for the A parent entity but I cannot create an inheritance between that shortcut and B. Same thing if I create a shortcut of the existing inheritance in the P2 diagram. It will show with its link with the A entity but will not allow to add a link with B.

In conclusion, it is like I have kept half of the inheritance definition but lost the other half. Is there a way to keep everything? Is that a bug?