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Nov 16, 2005 at 03:28 PM

Workflow in FI



Pls help me on this how to start.i have to work on this.

Workflow Objective

Budgeting Workbench entries have to go thru a Review and/or Approval process before being Posted.

Based on the budget type / document type of the transaction will determine / trigger Workflow. The workflow is used to route the budget entries to reviewer/approvers and to the Budget Office. Only after all the approvals are done can the budget entries be posted.

Requirement Overview

The following is the design for configuring the budget types with document type when processing budget entries using FMBB (Budgeting Workbench).

I. Budget Amendment

Enter budget amendment entries (Change in Fund Total +/-)

Select Screen Layout: STAN

Choose Budget Type: AMDT (Budget Amendment)

Choose Document Type: BDGT (Budget)

Complete required fields.

The following approvals will be required for the above:

1. Resource Area Financial Manager

2. Department Director

3. Program Coordinator

4. Resource Area – Deputy Executive Director

5. Budget Office

6. Assistant Executive Director

If the approver does not act on the Budgetary Workbench Entries in 3 days, a notification should be sent to the approver and the creator/requester.

If an approver REJECTS the Budgetary Workbench Entries, the document will be sent back to the Creator/Requester. The Creator/Requester can change/update the Budgetary Workbench Entry and resubmit to start the approval process again or can delete the Budgetary Workbench Entry and the workflow will be ended.

If during the approval process the Budgetary Workbench Entry is changed which affects its value, the approval process is reset and started again.