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Apr 09, 2014 at 04:01 PM

Update Table control in PAI


Hi, here is my issue:

I populated a table control in PBO with blank records ready for user input.

In PAI I want to implement clipboard functionality, so if a user push "clipboard" button on my screen i populate internal table ITAB(used for table control on the screen); with data from clipboard.

The problem is program does not go inside LOOP AT ITAB-->ENDLOOP in the PAI and it does not recognized that user made an input in my table control. I have tried to use FM DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE and it successfully competed but still, the program does not go inside LOOP AT ITAB -->. ENDLOOP in PAI. How do I force the system to make believe a user update a table control record?

Your help gratefully appreciated and will be properly rewarded..