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Former Member
Apr 09, 2014 at 03:33 PM

Refresh Message Area to repopulate the new messages


HI All,

I am populating messages in WDmodify, wDdoinit and other methods of a ZWDcomponent in message area with errors, warnings and success messages.

I used below method


message_text = l_msg ).

The main problem.

It is populating duplicate messages how to check do the message exist.

Any method to clear the existing message in the message area (not messages)

I used CLEAR_MESSAGES of IF_WD_MESSAGE_MANAGER . It is clearing all the messages in the instance. I need to clear the existing messages in message area and repopulate new messages into message area.

I tried to use some logic but it is not working when we some methods are called like modify it is becoming complicated logic.

Any suggestions are welcomed.