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Apr 09, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Unable to create trial instance - Unexpected exception in createSchema()


Hello HCP Experts,

today i tried to play with HCP (using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit).

However, it was not possible to create a Trial SAP HANA Instance.

Problem description:

1. Press link "HANA XS Applications"
2. Specify 'myinstance' for instrance name
(database is HANA XS, version
3. Press Save button

-> After aprox. 15 seconds comes error popup:

Unable to create trial instance 'myinstance': Internal Server Error (500)

Unexpected exception in createSchema() called with account 'XXXXtrial', schema 'myinstance', DB Type 'hanaxs',

DB Version '', and DB Server 'null'


One more interesting thing i noticedin HCP Cockpit:

- if i try to create Trial Instance then HANA version is

- if i create new database schema (it works) then HANA version is

-> Do we really use two different HANA systems in HCP (SPS7 for instance and SPS6 for schemas) ?

What is the scenario for such configuration ?

Could you please check and advise how to proceed.

Thank you.

Best Regards,