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Apr 09, 2014 at 12:01 PM

Crystal Report process hangs till the large Crystal reports get rendered



I am using SAP Crystal Runtime Engine (for .NET 4.0 - version for ASP.NET(C#) web service. When a report is requested from client, this service finds the rpt file, loads data and send back to the client.

Recently I came across with a situation where I need to wait to get a small report rendered, until the ongoing long-running reports finish rendering.

For testing purposes, I created a view in database which delays 2 minutes to return data, and referred that view from the report. So that, the report delays 2 minutes to get rendered after requested. I opened 10 clients, ran the long-running report from each at once (means 10 long running requests) and when they are processing, the 11th request with the "small" report gets hung for 2 minutes, i.e. till those large reports get rendered. (The "small" report gets rendered normally within seconds.)

I came across with some forum posts where setting the Maximum Job Limit to 9999, and dispose\close all the disposable objects, which weren't helpful. My customer's case is bit more critical since he faces the issue with three long-running reports. Can anyone help me to understand what is the limitation here, how to overcome and any other infromation which maybe helpful?

Thank you in advance.

- Manulak Dissanayake