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Nov 16, 2005 at 01:59 PM

Interactive Forms(Adobe) workflows with the Enterprise 4.7 backend system


Hello All!

I have a workflow question where i would really appreciate your advice. Here's the situation: the customer is on the Enterprise 4.7 with no intent to upgrade in the next five years at least. They want to implement automation scenarious with off-line capabilities which would involve non-SAP participants via kiosks. There are several options on the table including standalone Adobe Intelligent Documents platform, MS Infopath and others, but SAP Interactive Forms seems the most likely one. Since the existing 4.7 system does not support it, this will involve implementing brand new Netweaver'04 system to provide the functionality, and some sort of RFC/BAPI interface to the backend 4.7 for data exchange.

It's okay so far, the question i'm trying to get my mind around is: How can we integrate the workflows in this scenario?

1. Considering the Integrated Forms option: which system the workflows will have to be maintained and ran at?

My understanding is that the workflows must be developed and ran in the new Netweaver'04 box which has all necessary functionality to support Interactive forms workitems. Then we will have to RFC into 4.7 for actual data inquiry and update. Is this correct? will it require to distribute users/HR master data from the main 4.7 box to the Netweaver system? Is it possible at all in this case to host workflows in the main 4.7 system and generate workitems to process Interactive Adobe forms?

2. Is there a better solution you can recommend?

Thank you,

Sergey Breslavets

Workflow consultant