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Apr 09, 2014 at 09:10 AM

SAP PO 7.4 - web service [multiple operations]



I created a Service Interface with multiple operations and a Integrated Configuration scenario on our SAP PO 7.4.

When I want to test all this in soapUI, I get an error. After reading on SCN, it seems like I should remove the Software Component Version of Sender Interface on the Inbound processing tab of the ICO object. When I do that, the error is gone out of soapUI, but...

When I do that, all my operation-specific configuration seems to be lost and I cannot choose specifics for each operation.

Is that standard behavior?

The requirement is to have 1 WSDL, containing multiple operations, going to the same SAP back end system to get data. This will be a synchronous interface.

Thank you.