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Apr 09, 2014 at 07:26 AM

SAP Screen Personas / html-login (1. Timeout and 2. not allowed to access this system)


Hello from Germany,

i need help to configure screen personas in our system.

Support install all to the system,

Kerneltausch von 720/401 auf 721/201 (siehe Hinweis 1776739)

Einspielen Hinweis 1787341 einspielen (incl. Vor- und Nacharbeiten)

Hinweis 1787341 SAPScreenPersonas“

Einspielen HW 1885506, 1913055, 1937439
(HW 1885312- Empfohlenen SAP Hinweise für SAP Screen Personas)

SPAM aktualisieren: SAPKD70152

Installation PERSOS 200 incl. Patch SP001 in einer Queue mit SAINT:


Service.Uri to restgui

Server.Url to http://xxsap9999.xxxxhosting.intern:8001/

The user is configured to personas:

I use IE and google Chrome.

By starting with the link

...001/sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp?sap-client=000, first i get an error with "timeout"


You are not allowed to
access this system. If this is not correct , please contact your system

Who can help us, to make the last step to be successsful in installing screen personas?




sspuse.JPG (40.6 kB)
ssp-log.JPG (27.5 kB)