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Apr 08, 2014 at 03:42 PM

Acquisition document did not update acquisition cost on "Values" tab. Fixed Assets Addon


Hello experts

Fixed assets responsible has detected that on Fixed Assets Add-on an acquisition document did not update acquisition cost on "Values" tab. I can see the document number in "Documents" tab, but its amount is not considered in "Value" tab.

But it was only with that document, because by creating more acquisition documents for the same Asset in test environment "Value" tab gets updated properly. The thing is that I want to find out what could have happened, in order to avoid it from happening in future. But I am clueless as affected document seems exactly the same than other acquisition documents that were posted to this asset, those other docs updated correctly "Value" tab.

Also I guess that creating an identical acquisition document to update "Value" tab, and correcting its accounting effect with a manual journal entry will solve this situation.

Thanks in advance and regards