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Apr 08, 2014 at 03:44 PM

Work Manager on Android tablet fails at public key request



I've been able to get WM 6.0 on SMP 2.3 running successfully on all of the platforms I've tried except Android where I get a message indicating that the public key request has failed when I try to connect. I know it is trying to connect because I see a key request on the server but it doesn't seem to get back to the client.

I downloaded the SAP Work Manager Android client from the SAP SWDC and sideloaded it onto the device. The version number is I installed the same key we are using on the iPad into the Android credential storage. Is there another step to using Android that I missed?

One aspect that I'm not sure of is that this is a Atom based tablet (Dell Venue 7 on Android 4.3), instead of an ARM based tablet. Has anyone had success with an Atom based tablet?

Thanks for your advice.