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EBS search string to dynamically get statement text


I'm trying to use search string for a certain MT940 bank transaction code whereby to bring as much as possible from the text in node :86: that follows a fixed 3 digits text in sub-node ?21. I will then map the output value to line item text. I know how to do the search string usage config. I've actually built 2 search strings already of identical length. One is w/ blank mapping one with actual mapping. They look something like this: 1) Search sting w/ blank mapping: Source: ?TXT?????????????????????????? Target: is blank; 2) Search string w/ mapping: Source: ?TXT?????????????????????????? Target: ??????????????????????????
It works for 3/4 of the transactions but for the rest my line item text (BSEG-SGTXT or FEBEP-FVAL1) is blank. I noticed if I make the length of the strings shorter / longer it will work for some of the 1/4 transactions but in exchange fail for some other that previously worked. It's probably some fine-tuning required in the search sting definition but I can't figure out what.
I don't want to write any code but keep doing it via search strings. Is it possible ?

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2 Answers

  • Jan 24, 2017 at 12:36 PM

    Hi Nicolate,

    Please put search string in bracket( ) and remove the target fields. It will work I have configure many types of search strings with different requirements. There is no need to do the coding this functionality is very much flexible.

    If still not works let me know the requirement and your configuration screen shots.



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    Jan 30, 2017 at 07:27 PM

    Hi Pankaj,

    Many thanks for replying !

    Screenshots with search string definitions and their usage are attached.



    I’m uploading the 2 transactions below. I can't unfortunately upload the original statement file which stores some unicode text. I noticed the encoding can also have an impact on the search string hit.



    :86:096?00WPATA ZAMKNI¨TA COLLECT?20ID IPH: XX000000000008; MNE?21MO

    NIC: 4943; TYT.: 1081 EUR ?2206-11-2016 WàKNIARZ ; TNR:?23 178451




    :86:096?00WPATA ZAMKNI¨TA COLLECT?20ID IPH: XX000000000532; MNE?21MO

    NIC: 4943; TYT.: 532 EUR ?2204-11-2016 TENDER ; TNR: 17?238451075


    So, requirement is to write into BSEG-SGTXT (only needed for the 2nd line item on the document) as much as possible from the text following TYT.:

    I only managed with a length of the search strings of 36 characters (without counting brackets – they don’t seem to have any effect) and only for the first of the two transactions. For the other one the system apparently uses the blank mapping to write the value into SGTXT.

    Please see attached FEBEP and BSEG screenshots after loading the statement.


    While debugging it was noticed that for the first transaction the 2 search strings return texts of equal lengths whereas for the second one there's 1 character difference.

    “ TYT.: 1081 EUR 06-11-2016 WàKNIARZ”
    “ TYT.: 1081 EUR06-11-2016 WàKNIARZ “

    “ TYT.: 532 EUR04-11-2016 TENDER ; TN “
    “ TYT.: 532 EUR 04-11-2016 TENDER ; T “

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