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SAP ByD: How to cancel one line item of a sales order which was not delivered due to stock shortage?

I have posted a sales order with multiple line items. (Sales order id: 707, total line items 4, Number of Line items with enough stock: 3 and 1 line item has less stock which is partially delivered or not delivered)

For one of the line item the stock is insufficient in the inventory, and for all the other line items in the sales order there was sufficient stock to fulfill the order,.

I have released the sales order from Outbound logistics work center, did a PGI, released the outbound delivery and also invoiced the Sales order.

Now the problem is the sales order(707) is still in "In process status" as there is one line item which is not delivered completely because of the stock shortage.

The line item quantity which was not delivered in the sales order 707 is fulfilled in a new sales order 708. So we want to cancel the line item in sales order 707 and close the Sales order.

Can we cancel this one line item and Close the sales order?

Please help.


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2 Answers

  • Jan 20, 2017 at 02:36 PM


    there are two things that you have to do:

    1. You need to cancel the open sales order item by just setting the 'Reason for Rejection' for the corresponding item in the item details.

    2. Then you also need to check if there are any open warehouse requests or tasks. Also here you can reject those and also set a deviation in case not the compete quantity could be processed. Please also have a look at the help document 'Working with warehouse tasks'.

    Best regards,


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  • Jan 24, 2017 at 05:26 AM

    Hi Vijay,

    Adding to what Stefan has mentioned check in your customer demand if the status of the line item 4 for the sales order 707 has the Release Status 'Released' or 'Not Released'. If the customer demand is not released you can set the 'Reason for Rejection' as mentioned by Stefan above.

    If the customer demand is released and no warehouse request is created you can directly set the 'Reason for Rejection' in the order. If a warehouse request or a task is created follow steps updated by Stefan above.



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