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Apr 08, 2014 at 07:41 AM

SAP PI: system user and communication user manager


Hello all,

i have got a work to analyze the system user and communication user. Which user can be deleted from system in order to save the license. We are using SAP PI 7.11 Dual Stack. Using TC se38 and Report RSUSR200 i got a list of users, which ist for xxx days not active. For dialog user is easy to say, whether the user is needed or not. But there are some system users and communication users, i'm not sure. How can i find out, whether the users should be deleted or not? e.g. SAPCPIC, RFC_FS, LSADMIN, J2EE_ADMIN, J2EE_GUEST, XIAFUSER, XIAPPLUSER, XILDUSER, XIREPUSER, XIRWBUSER, XISUPER etc. thx.

Best regards,