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Apr 08, 2014 at 04:03 AM

GRC - Request Form Customization


Hi All,

We have ECC system integrated with GRC. Currently only half of the users in ECC are using GRC and we are planning to roll out for other half users now.

First half users would be tagged to company code and hence while raising GRC request by mandatory they need to select company code dropdown in GRC request form. The second half of users are tagged to business unit object and not company code. So for these users keeping company code mandatory in the request form doesn't make sense.

Can we show different request forms based on users?

If the above one is not possible, atleast can i show different grc request form based on system?

I know i can select different EUP ID at stage level but do i have the option to select request form based on EUP ID ?

Please provide your suggestions.