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Apr 07, 2014 at 06:29 PM

Filtering a Hierarchy by 0CHRT_ACCTS in SAP BW


Hi experts,

We are trying to load a hierarchy related to 0CHRT_ACCTS.

From now on, as a new company is added to the system, and this hierarchy (one name) has values for two companies in R3.

Having the same name in R3, it is easy to select there the values of the hierarchy that we want to see there...just we fill the 0CHRT_ACCTS of each company.

The problem is that we need to load two times the information in BW (one per company) and we can select only the name of the hierarchy, not the company name (0CHRT_ACCTS) one of the two of them is loaded and the for the other values are missing...

I thought about setting up filters in the infopackage in order to load information for both commpanies (create two, one per company), but as we just select the hierarchy structure there (that is selecting the name of the hierarchy), but not the company that we need the info.

Any idea to load the information in the system separately?

Thank you very much for your time!!

PD. Right now, we loaded the one that we couldn't load from R3 editing in Excel and loading into the system by flat file, but as long term solution is not valid.