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Nov 16, 2005 at 09:02 AM

Problems with IDoc-IDoc Scenario (<>LS)



I have a scenario where a R/3 system sends Idocs to another R/3 system and I want to use the XI for this.

In this scenarios the sender R/3 is using KU as sender profile and LI is used at the receiver side.

I followed the HowTo Guide for Idoc Scenarios (Part "Case 2: IDoc of Type <> LS").

(Sending Business System is SAP_QS1_MDT007_BS, receiving is SAP_QP2_MDT005_BS)

I set up a sending Party (Party_One), added the Business-System-Service (SAP_QS1_MDT007_BS) and mantained the alternative identifiers (

SAP_QS1_MDT007_BS - ALE#KU - 0000506874


SAP_QP2_MDT005_BS - ALE#KU - 0000506874


I have done the same for the receiving Party (Party_Two) with the following identifiers (

SAP_QS1_MDT007_BS - ALE#LI - C9063


SAP_QP2_MDT005_BS - ALE#LI - C9063

) and added an Idoc receiver channel with the identifiers:

Sender Agency SAP_QP2_MDT005_BS Schema ALE#KU

Receiver Agency SAP_QP2_MDT005_BS Schema ALE#LI

But this doesn't work I always get the error: Partner and Service are not determined.

In the trace I found 2 other erros:

party normalization error: scheme = ALE#KU


party normalization error: scheme = ALE#LI

It seems, that he couldn't find the normalization form the Party_One...

Thank you for your help