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Apr 07, 2014 at 01:43 PM

Null value for AUDITID in idmv_ovalue_basic_all


Dear Guru!

Please help me to understand what I did wrong.

I have IDM 7.2 SP9, Oracle11, Windows 2012 .

My goal is to find what attributes of MX_PERSON where changed after import data from SAP HCM into IDM and what previous values user had .

I run the query

select mskey, attrname, avalue, modifytime, auditid from idmv_ovalue_basic_all where mskey=59191 order by modifytime

and see that some attributes have null value for auditid column:

So I can't say that all of these attributes where changed because of HCM import job (Write HCM Employee To SAP Master).

Please help me to understand where the problem and how can I find who changed the value for parameters with AUDITID=null.

Best regards,



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