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Nov 16, 2005 at 08:26 AM

Java script + url iview


Dear Sir or Madam,

Could u please help me solve this problem? Thanks a lot for your time and kindness.

Best regards,



I have html page containing js (javascript) in <head> section. This js code refers to external js files only.

(example of js code: <script src="scripts/stdFormMethods.js" type="text/javascript"><!----></script>)

Because I am using url iview capture capability (Must use this capbility because I need to use look & feel), I put js in <body> section because I think capture capability only can capture contents inside <body> section.

When I opened iview in SAP portal, all <script> tags for my html page were removed.

How to retain <script> tags in <body> section?

Or if I use capture capability of url iview, how to include javascript inside html page which displayed in url iview (all js in html page won't be removed when I opened this iview in SAP portal)?