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Apr 07, 2014 at 01:08 PM

After SP13 User validation (valid from date) cannot be changed


Dear all,

after the impIentation of SP13 we have a problem with the validation period of the user-ID during the creation of an access request.

For all access request types it is necessary to select the system on tab "User Access" a change of the "valid from" date is not possible. ( Create /change user, lock / unlock user)


I can select the system on tab "User Access".

The valid from date is the current date.

Then I can change the 'valid from' date.

After pressing the enter or submit button, the system reset the date on the current date.


If the user exist the "valid from" date should be the date from the backend system (SU01).

It must be able to change the "valid from" date manually.

("Valid to" date works as expected/ The validation period of the role can be changed.).

Can somebody help me?