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Apr 07, 2014 at 01:09 PM

Weird behavior with library.css


Hi all,

I am in the mid of rewriting a new theme for my project.

I was trying to use the existing sap blue crystal theme folder and rewrite the library.css.

In the theme folder, I also found library.less and libray_complete.css.

I spotted some weird behaviours regarding ui5.

1. When I modify the loaded library.css, (i have checked google browser and confirmed the right css is being loaded), the modification does not appear at all!

2. Even if i delete all the css in the theme folder. The project is still able to find library.css and load on the browser. Why is that so?

Is there any form of caching?

And how I should go able modifying the css.

1. Theme Builder doesn't seem to be an option to me since it only provides basic css color modification.

2. I am wishing to reduce the loading time if i use custom css and load them in the <script> in the <head> tag.

What is the most elegant way to change all those CSS of the UI5 controls?

Thanks in advance!