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Apr 07, 2014 at 10:26 AM

How to Change financial trasnactin for commitment item for which no trasnaction has been posted


Hi ,


\We re in process to Go live for he FUND Management module for Power generation business, while we create all FM master data and budget structure we found a mistake in NONBUDGET commitment items. we wrongly mapped financial transaction 30, while changing it to 40 system showing following massage,

Field "Fin.transaction" cannot be changed

Message no. F6288


You can no longer change the entry in field Fin.transaction as commitment
item NONBUDGET in FM area SAPL and fiscal year has already been defined
as a budget object.

System Response

Field Fin.transaction is not changed.

2. when we try to delete the commitment item system showing following error

Commitment item NONBUDGET in FM area and Fyear SAPL defined as a budget

Message no. F6206


The commitment item NONBUDGET in the FM area SAPL and fiscal year was
defined as a budget object.

System Response

The chosen action was not executed.


Remove the indentification Budget object in the budget structure.

As per above error we check the following details

1. FM deriver - Removed NONBUDGET from all the rule

2. There is no Budget/ Posting in FM9k

3. There is no activation of budget ( no golive)

4 There is no data posted with the commitment Items