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Apr 07, 2014 at 09:27 AM

CfTE: Itinerary details in a Trip Request.


Hello Colleagues,

There are some requirements to include itinerary segments while creating a trip request itself, for India.

Question1: An employee should be able to enter his trip details while he/she requests for a trip.

However, we are already aware about filling additional details when we claim an expenses. Additionally, we want to have the same itinerary segments while creating a trip request.

As an instance, an employee travels to Delhi via flight and then he boards a bus to Gurgaon. Finally, he takes train to return back to Bangalore.

In this case, he uses different modes of transports to different locations.

Can we capture additional destinations travelled in trip request along with different modes of transport?

Question2: Currently data do not flow from a trip request to an expense report. Can we have most of the data filled when we claim an expense report from a particular trip request? Like, dates of travel, purpose of the trip, etc.

Kindly assist in achieving the same.

Thank You!

Best Regards,