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Nov 16, 2005 at 05:37 AM

problems in using EP API in web dynpro


Hi all,

I am using of the UME API of EP in my web dynpro application. I have inlcuded the '' file in my build path and did a local build and deployed the application on my development system, it works well. But while moving the same to the quality system, while activating it is throwing syntax errors saying the classes that i have used are undefined. The same erros come even when i do a DC level build.

I have tried including the jar file in the 'lib' folder of the DC, even then, i dont get any errors when i build it locally, where as there are errors while doing a DC level build.

Please tell me if there is any way of including this jar file some where so that it does not throw any erros in DC level build and also while activating.