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Apr 07, 2014 at 03:49 AM

Solution For Using External Service - Client in Dubai


Dear All,

Kindly provide a suitable solution for this scenario.In this company, Water Production has RO Plants and WELLS.

Incase of WELLS, the payment of this contract is done only if it reached Dhs.50,000 ie. after 25 wells are repaired.

Usually Engineers they note the date of maintenance and make work order. They then select external service and once the PR is generated automatically they stop the procedure. Because if they do SES then they have to do 25 SES to reach Dhs 50,000 which is practically not possible.

So what is the solution-

Is it possible to club the 25 Work orders (2000*25=50000) so that 1 PR can be generated automatically to make 1 PO and then 1 SES . So as per contract Finance can pay the vendor 50000.