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Apr 06, 2014 at 03:59 PM

Problem with the Event-AfterModify


I have created a BO with two nested Node.

See the structure of the BO at the end of the message:

I have a first Node called EmployeeNode and inside it I have another Node called ProductNode.

When I create a new instance in the EmployeeNode the event AfterModify of the Node is called correctly, but I create an instance at the ProductNode the event AfterModify of the ProductNode is not called.

Due to the fact that I'm a beginner, does someone have an idea what could be the problem?

Thanks for your help.

businessobject BonusPerProduct raises MsgNegativeBonusValues, MsgNegativeAmountValues, MsgInvalidDates {

message MsgNegativeBonusValues text "Bonus rate must be positive";

message MsgNegativeAmountValues text "The Bonus Amount must be positive";

message MsgInvalidDates text "End date should be after start date";

[AlternativeKey] [Label("Bonus Plan ID")] element BonusReport : ID;

[Label("Start date")] element StartDate:Date;

[Label("End date")] element EndDate:Date;

[Label("Total Revenue")] element TotalRevenueAmount:Amount;

[Label("Bonus Amount")] element TotalBonusAmount:Amount;

[Transient] element IsConsistent:Indicator; // not persistent in the data base

action BuildBonusReport;

node EmployeeNode [0,n] {

[Label("Employee ID")] element EmployeeID : EmployeeID;

association ToEmployee to Employee;

[Label("Revenue Amount")] element RevenueAmount:Amount;

[Label("Bonus Amount")] element BonusAmount:Amount;

action BuildListOfProductOrdered;

node ProductNode [0,n]{

[Label("PO ID")] element PurchaseOrderID : BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

[Label("Account")] element Account : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Name;

[Label("Product")] element Product : NOCONVERSION_ProductID;

[Label("Bonus")] element Bonus :Percent;

[Label("Amount")] element Amount :Amount;

association ToSalesOrder to SalesOrder;