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Apr 05, 2014 at 09:45 PM

Talent Management


Hi All,

This question is regarding Talent Management (TM) and the modules covered by TM.

I have worked on SAP E-Recruiting and Performance Management a lot but implementing Talent Management end to end for the first time. Have read a lot around this topic but quite confused in terms of its coverage. The client has decided to go for Talent Management but whether Nakisa and E-Recruitment will be part of the scope is not yet decided. My confusion is regarding the additional features that Nakisa will provide, which the latest version of SAP Talent Management wouldn't. The client we will be implementing is on EhP6.

Below are my questions:

1. Can TM be implemented without Nakisa? If No, kindly list out the functionality that will be left out.

Rather, it would be better if I could get a list of functionality available With & Without Nakisa.

2. Is TM Succession Planning possible in absence of Nakisa (not the old R/3 based succession planning, portal based TM succession planning)?

If Yes, will we be able to do the following:

* Identify Key Positions

* View Potential Successors using Profile match-up and perform side-by-side profile comparison

* Tag selected employee as Successor

* Create Succession Plan for identified successors

3. Can we create Individual Development Plan (IDP) for employees and can the employee do Career Planning for self in standard SAP if Nakisa is not implemented?

4. Is E-recruitment a must for implementing Succession Planning?

Kindly advice.

Also, it would be good if I could get a doc containing screenshots of various SAP TM functionality (without Nakisa).


Shashank Shirali