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Apr 04, 2014 at 05:11 PM

Routing JMS message from same queue to different channels.


From a given adapter module, is there a way of calling different communication channels?

The scenario: The sender of the data is JMS. One single queue contains desperate text format. Based on the content of the first 4 characters , PI has to parse it differently in its own corresponding MT. The target IDoc structure remains the same. I have multiple messageTransformBeans set up, one for each MT assuming that the data would arrive in different JMS queues. However since the data is now all heaped on to a single queue, the challenge of routing the data now lies in SAP PI.

HowTo - Send Test Messages to the Adapter Engine (to an Integrated Configuration) - This solution does send message directly to the IE (using 7,1), but not to the adapter engine where the messageTransformBeans exist.

Any solid pointers in the direction will be really helpful.