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Nov 15, 2005 at 09:45 PM

HTML page link in an iView that call a Page...


<b>Obligatory Intro</b>

I am very new to KM and SAP so please bear with me as a clumsily explain my problem...

<b>My Scenario</b>

1. I created PAGE that contains a single iView - the iView is displaying a simple HTML page with text links.

2. I want those text links to load another PAGE I created that contains multiple iViews, into the same window.

3. I want to create the links in the HTML document not through some KM interface.

So my desired results are 1:Click text link - 2:New Page with iViews replaces existing page.

<b>What I have done so far...</b>

I have successfully linked to single iView via my text links like so...>/irj/servlet/prt?prtroot=%2fglobal%2fservices%2fservice-iviews%2flocal%2fclientsidetoplevelnav≺ttheme=newgbh&iviewid= &isolationlevel=4&usecache=false">My Text Link

AND I have been able to load the page view by invoking a new browser window and loading a completly new iteration of my portal like so...>/SAPPortal/?NavigationTarget=/global/pages/ " target="_top">My Text Link

I can't seem to find a way to simply replace my current page view with my new page view by clicking the text link in the originating HTML document.

<b>My cordial plea for assistance</b>

Does any of that make sense? And if it does, can anyone offer some advice?

Thanks a bunch!

Tony Zerbolio