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Apr 04, 2014 at 09:37 AM

Ad Hoc - reading text field - not all text displayed in result


Hi group

I have created a custom field to retrieve the text from IT0030 in Ad Hoc query.

The text in IT0030 can be 226 character long (line 1: 72, line 2:72, line 3:82).

I have coded as shown at the end.

The problem is that not all the text is shown in the result field.

I have checked that my field is defined large enough.

I also debugged the generated program from the query and find that when I finished looping, the field has all the text.

But the result is shown with only 128 characters.

Is there a limitation in Query as to how long a field can be?

Best regards



Code.jpg (87.9 kB)