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Apr 04, 2014 at 07:31 AM

NEFT and RTGS customer payment



Please give me the solution to below questions

1) Q Where we can enter customer NEFT/RTGS paymnets?

2) Q My client wants to generate pay in slip for customer cheque reciepts (incoming payments)

Can we enter in FBCJ t code? if not please give me the solution

we have entered in the FBCJ

At that time i am getting accounting entry

Cash G/L account Dr 10000

To customer account 10000

After click on the present cheques tab in the FBCJ t code

I am getting below accounting entry

Bank account (collection g/l account) Dr 10000

To cash G/l account 10000

Finally cash account is nullifying but my client was saying this is wrong entry because cash g/l account should not hit while doing the cheque receipts

Please give me the solution step by step for this

Thanks & Regards