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Apr 03, 2014 at 11:14 PM

EPMDimensionOverride with Dynamic Cell Range


Hi All,

I am working on an EPM reports where I need to use EPMDimensionOverride formula. Requirement is, EPMDimensionOverride should take members from a dynamic cell range in excel sheet and use that to override current

members of dimension.

I know that we can concatenate values in all these cells separated by comma and pass to "Members" parameter of formula but we don't want to do that as the list of members we want to use to override can go very long. User will change this list frequently (add or remove members). We can not ask users to modify EPMDimensionOverride formula whenever there is a change in the list of members.

So far We have tried following but none of these works,

=EPMDimensionOverride("000",<Dimension Name>,EPMCellRanges(E1:E12))

=EPMDimensionOverride("000",<Dimension Name>,E1:E12)

=EPMDimensionOverride("000",<Dimension Name>,Test) where "Test" is a pure EXCEL name range for cells E1:E12

Please advise how I can use EPMDimensionOverride formula with a dynamic cell range.