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Apr 03, 2014 at 05:46 PM

Portal effects by EHP upgrade


Hi Admin/Team,

I am buddy to SAP portal.

I have requested earlier this thread but deleted automatically, still i did not find the related notes/documents for the query. So again writing this.

We are going through portal and ECC EHP upgrade (latest).

kindly let me know,

1) Waht are the effects will happen to existing portal (Consumer and producers)

2) Once upgrade is completed , do we need to do the configurations again to the portal, If yes what are all the configurations (documents or details)

3) Waht are all the additional features comes with EHP upgrade in EP

4) Known issues once the upgrade completed to the portal

5) Are there any resurrections for the portal upgrade in terms of SP levels t(he minimum package levels we need to maintain to portal upgrade)

We have SRM,BI, ECC portals accessible through central portal.

I searched even SMP for docs, i got them but these queries still reamin as i said earlier i am buddy to portal.

Please help.