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Apr 03, 2014 at 03:50 PM

Sap's bapi change doesn't get updated on SUP


Hi gurus,

we're running on SUP 2.1.3 connected to SAP ECC 6.06.

SUP calls custom Bapis on the backend to read some data and, basically, create sales orders.

The project is still in progress so, as you can imagine, from time to time we have to change some Abap code in the Bapis (for example to fix an issue).

We noticed that the code change on the Sap side doesn't get reflected on the SUP side: executing the Bapi on the Sap side would deliver you one result (let's call it the "new" one) while, calling via RFC the same Bapi from SUP would deliver a different result (let's call it the "old" result, i.e. result delivered from the previous Bapi version).

Restart of the SUP server gets rid of the problem but, as you can imagine, can't be considered as a solution.

I was wondering if the above could be related to the "context" allocated to the RFC sessions (I found out SUP sessions on the Sap server don't close automatically but stay connected for some time) but so far I was not able to find clear evidence about that.

Any suggestion ? Have you ever got across the same issue ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.