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Apr 03, 2014 at 02:10 PM

Default system month and year


Hello Experts,

I am new to SAP BO Design Studio. I have been exploring it quite a bit but I am facing some challenge with one
issue. I will appreciate if anyone of you can assist me solving this issue.

Version: Design Studio 1.1 SP2
Data source: 1 x Bex query
Report Type: Bar Chart using for monthly analysis

Challenge: I am using DROPDOWN for default month/year but when I execute the report, DROPDOWN
is only showing the default value which I selected for the DROPDOWN items as default.

Business wants to see current month / year with current data when executing the
report. If they want to select another date then they can select from dropdown
to explore further for previous months / year report.

In the DROPDOWN_1 Item selection, I have selected year-month.

I am also using LISTBOX_1 which set to invisible and populating current date e.g 04/02/2014 just for me to check the feed from backend.

I have tried using the following script I on startup and DROPDOWN_1 Script but no luck.

On Startup:;


MemberPresentation.TEXT, MemberDisplay.TEXT, 1));

TEXT_TIME_STAMP.setText("Data refreshed as of "+LISTBOX_1.getSelectedText());



Display Items:

In the past, we have used this process with variables at back end and also with ABAP. But I would like to know if we can achieve this without ABAP or BW effort.

Thank you.


Items.JPG (45.6 kB)