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Nov 15, 2005 at 04:12 PM

ODS records


Hi Gurus

I have a basic questions regarding integration of 2 ODS's into one ODS.....If i have one ODS with key fields DOC NUMBER and Item Number; and a second ODS with KEY fields DOC NUMBER,Item Number and Delivery number; and i want to integrate these 2 ODS's into a third ODS. The 3rd ODS will have the same keys as the second one DOC NUMBER,Item Number and Delivery number. Now how will a record from ODS 1 which is

(Record from 1st oDS) (Doc Number) (Item Number)

(1) (123) (1)

(2) (123) (2)

2nd ODS

(RECORD from 2nd ODS) (Doc Number) (Item Number) (Delivery #)

(1) (123) (1) (1)

(2) (123) (1) (2)

(3) (123) (2) (3)

How will this be integrated in the 3rd ODS??? what will be the record structure??? will it show up as a total of 5 records or just 3 records like in the 2nd ODS???

Thank you