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Apr 03, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Gross Profit Query



I’m wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening please?

The user adds a non-stock item to a delivery note. The item is managed by standard cost at £4.50. The unit price on the delivery is £10 so when you go to the gross profit button it shows a gross profit of £5.50 (Gross profit base price is item cost). Then the user copies it to an AR invoice and before adding it they check the gross profit again, still £5.50. They then add the invoice and check the profit again, this time the base price shows 0.00 and so GP shows 0.00. If they copy it to a credit note, the GP comes back?! This is version 8.81 PL10.

Any idea why it might be showing zero on the invoice please? I’ve tested on my SAP installation and can’t reproduce it!

Many thanks,