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Apr 03, 2014 at 08:52 AM

problem with ard and no problem with source code..



plz have a look on below image..

i am facing one problem.. i.e

in my customizaiotn parent form is having copy to

if any body press the copy to button.

one more form will be open and then doing some fuctionality (nothing but from db to records getting and pasting in child form)

if i run the source code nothing will happen everything is fine..

at satus bar combo selected evnet is fired... is comming at running source code...

i enable ctrl + exception.

but it is not strucking any where every thing is fine...

i know combo selected event message is comming from source code i comment everything

but at source code still comming i don't know from where it is comming.

i clean the project and i build it multiple times..

ok source code no problem except that status bar message..


if i make ard..

my problem is comming.

plz see the below image.

one error is comming.

after open the child form functionlaity is not doing.

i know 100% i am making currect ard with currect version of the source code

no doubt.

but at the time of ard only my problem is comming..

source code giving the error but working everything...

I need your suggestions.

I think no doubt no problme is making ard.


adfadfa.jpg (103.2 kB)