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Nov 15, 2005 at 03:46 PM

Copy Control for pricing/invoice


Hi friends,

please don't hate me for asking in this forum - I don't know which one is appropriate but I know here is where the experts are...

Tricky: In sales order creation, we exchange the system-calculated tax value, because in the interface we get the tax values from outside system. For rounding (and other) reasons they may differ from the calculated values.

This is done via userexit in pricing procedure and works fine.

In customizing of copy control (VTFA) for the respective Target billing type, Source sls doc. type and Item category, we already tried Pricing Type D and E. But when we create a billing for the order, calculation of taxes is carried out again.

Any good idea how to suppress pricing calculation os welcome! Or is it just simple cutomizing??

Thanks in advance,