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Apr 03, 2014 at 07:27 AM

Transport table entries for 'no, or user, recording routine'



I have a table which, in the Table Maintenance Generator, is set to 'no, or user, recording routine'.

When I create entries for this table of course no transport is created. How can I transport then entries from this table when this doesn't allow it in SM30, and also in SE16 the 'transport', option is greyed out.

I tried in dev system to create a workbench request for R3TR TABU and then included all table entries. The problem is that this went to Q and has deleted some entries that were there in this table. In othere words, in Q the table had 900 entries, in Dev we have 500, after the transport we now have only 500 in Q. How can I create a transport for this table content just to send the 500 changed records and not delete existing records?

Second question is what is the reason for creating a table with 'no, or user, recording routine' instead of 'Standard recording routine'?

Any help appreciated.