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Apr 03, 2014 at 07:45 AM

Saleforce Outbound Interface Issue with INVALID_SESSION_ID


Dear Experts,

We are getting the below Error after transport the SFDC PI Interfaces to QA landscape.

<faultcode>sf:INVALID_SESSION_ID</faultcode><faultstring>INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session. Session not found, missing session key: 00DL000000296CU!AQMAQCMTMGElU6bPbeRGK0G4AS5uCJSMgrR.R5uJMe7UT.2PucRo6dKURUw6AylrO08KHjQBLSdj3GYL9Qvnnj05999wPWrkq This is expected, it can happen if the session has expired and swept away, or if the user logs out, or if its just someone trying to hack in. </faultstring>.

I have already referred the below Blog, Troubleshooting SAP-PI and integration scenario . Found no differences/issues in message structures.

When I am trying to trigger the same PI request payload via SOAP UI, I was getting the successful response from SFDC.

From PI -QA server, the required Ports (443 and 80) are already open, able to telnet successfully, the sessionID SOAP envelope class was succesffuly hitting to SFDC-QA and giving the response with SessionID.

With SessionID and SAP data during the second call, SFA giving the response as above error.

Please provide your ideas on the above issue.