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Apr 02, 2014 at 09:30 PM

Issue with the xml form in sap portal


Hi Experts,

I have created 2 xml forms

1) Form Id is Test_Alerts

2) Form Id is Test_News.

I have created a folder "Test_News_Folder" in folder settings. Its properties are

Priority: 10

Folder path = /documents/Test Folder

Forms to exclude = SAP_*

Forms to include = Test_Alerts,Test_News

I have create a iview named "Test_iview" and its properties are below

Path to Initially Displayed Folder = /documents/Test Folder

Path to Root Folder for Navigation = /documents/Test Folder

Layout Set = News Explorer

Now my issue is-

A) I have created my first form(Test_Alerts) by simply saving the standard SAP_APP_NEWS form with my given name. After that I have made some modifications in my form. When I do the preview of the modified form in XML form builder then I can see my changes but from portal iview when I click on New Alerts Command and do the preview then I cannot see my changes in the render list form. No changes are getting reflected in the preview through portal. Do I am missing something ?Please help me

B) Similarly I have created my second form(Test_News) and assigned it to my folder also. But in my iview I cannot see the "New News" link.😕

If I assign the SAP_APP_NEWS form in my folder then I can see the "New News" link in my iview .

So I thought that in my previous form I have made some mistake ,so I simply create a new form and didnt made any changes in it. But still I am not able to see the "New News" link in my iview. Please help me out.😔