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Apr 02, 2014 at 08:48 PM

Is there a shared library (settings) page on SAP PI server to handle native library


On SAP PI server, I have a web application with Java Native methods. The library errors when application is restarted/undeployed and application accessed:-

Unable to load library due to:...... Native Library already loaded in another classloader

Q1 Is there a location where I could load shared native library on SAP PI server so that my application when restarted can find it.

If Q1 is not answered,

Q2 In web application that uses native library

I am creating Custom classloader(Unload Java JNI DLL - and setting classes to null before running System.gc() as suggested in example. However when the web application is undeployed and the entire classes and path of Java class gets removed so wanted to know that the path of the class will error as it gets deleted on undeploy.

so this line is meaning less on undeploy:-

Class ca = cl.findClass("com.codethesis.example.A");