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Apr 02, 2014 at 10:08 AM

flow type overlap


we define commodity forward product type : 910, tranaction type: buy, under FTR_edit,

"CF flow type" tab, I find two flow type Y017(outgoing payment) posting relevant and Y010(buy forward) , CM, posting relevant

payment flow type tab: Y005, Y011

other flows tab: Y017

Does it mean CM means cash flow related? if this is the case, Y010 should be under "CF flow type": tab, but Y017 is not CM relevant, why it appear in "CF flow type" tab?

Y017 appear both in "CF flow type" tab and "other flows" tab, how is other flows in FTR_EDIT defined?

in SPRO, I have assigned Y003, Y005, Y006, Y011, Y017, Y010 to product type 910 and transaction type buy, why some is not listed in FTR_EDIT?