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Apr 02, 2014 at 03:50 AM

Hierarchy on HANA Calculation View with Optional Input Parameters Fails



Has anyone succeeded in building a hierarchy on top of a calculation view with optional input parameters, where an input parameter is not filled?

The original requirement came from the wish to create a parent child hierarchy on a calculation view that was copied into the customer space from a HANA Live Financial Statement query view, but I have found the following when creating a simple level hierarchy on a calculation view that consumes one table. The Calculation View has one Input Parameter where the 'mandatory' box is unchecked.

  • Calculation view reads ECC table FAGLFLEXT
  • Simple level based hierarchy on fields PRCTR, RACCT and SEGMENT
  • Input parameter is used as a filter for PRCTR with logic ("EMPTY" = '$$P_PROFITCTR$$' or "PRCTR" = '$$P_PROFITCTR$$')

When I run the view I see the following behaviour in HANA Studio and Analysis for Excel

  • Before building the hierarchy I could run the view with or without the Input Parameter
  • After building the hierarchy I can run the view with the Input Parameter filled, but it fails when the Input Parameter is not filled.
  • Error message is "error: search table error: [2426] missing placeholder; missing value for mandatory parameter P_PROFITCTR"

P_PROFITCTR is not a mandatory parameter, but the selection for the hierarchy view thinks it should be. I don't find any notes around this issue, so I don't think it's version related, however the version I have used for this test is 1.00.70.

It's a shame we can't currently build the hierarchy as the parent child relationship is provided in HANA Live view NewGLFinancialStatementQuery.