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Apr 02, 2014 at 03:41 AM

Changing AUC Status on Asset Class


Hi Gurus,

We’ve have a few asset classes in our production system where the “line item settlement” has been selected, however, these asset classes are not AUC. These asset classes are not very ‘active’ and not many transactions occur in these classes throughout the year but we’ve come across some scenarios where we’ve tried to acquire assets through these classes using transaction type 153 (affiliated company, gross) and we’re getting error message because these asset classes are incorrectly categorized as line item settlement (i.e. open item managed) so we have made the decision to correct these classes and change the AUC status to “No AUC or summary management of AUC” in OAOA.

My question is in your experience have you’ve ever come across similar situation, what should I be testing or what processes I should follow to make sure the existing assets in these asset classes are not negatively impacted.

Any recommendation or thought would be much appreciated.

Thank you.