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Apr 02, 2014 at 03:06 AM

Loading hierarchy in new hierarchy table


Hi! I am using the SRM-MDM catalogue. For testing using non-UNSPSC codes, I created a new hierarchy table and add to the main Catalog table. I then try to map the table and create a hierarchy field. However, I get a 'Unknown exception' error. Does anyone have similar problem? Is there anything wrong with my code? Below is the screenshot of the values I assigned to the fields.

Note that I have successfully loaded UNSPSC code using similar method into the standard hierarchy table before. However, we have been encountering problem using a different set of codes and hence the reason for creating another hierarchy table to test this out. The number of characters for the hierarchy code is set to 6 instead of the standard 8 but I do not believe will cause any problem as I have the same problem with the standard hierarchy table where the code is 8 characters.

Appreciate any advice on that.